Here is the brief summary of my research career. (For a detailed and updated CV see)

Academic Employments:

  • Assistant Professor, IIT Kanpur (India) 2022-onwards

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, SISSA (Trieste, Italy) 2021-2022

  • Postdoctoral Fellow, FSU (Florida, USA) 2018-2021

  • Visiting Fellow, TIFR (Mumbai, India) 2015-2018


  • PhD, IACS (Kolkata, India) 2010-2015

  • MSc, IIT Madras (Chennai, India) 2008-2010

  • BSc, Presidency College (Kolkata, India) 2005-2008

Selected Talks:

  1. Diplaced Searches for New Physics at Belle, QNP, Florida State University (USA) 2022

  2. Heavy QCD axion in b->s transition: Enhanced limits and projections, KEK, Tsukuba (Japan) 2021

  3. MiniBooNE and heavy quark effective field thery, University of Washington, St. Loius (USA) 2019

  4. New sources of scalar soft masses in supersymmetry, Pheno, University of Pittsburgh (USA) 2019

  5. Charting Generalized supersoft supersymmetry, BSM Blueprints, Tata Institute (India) 2018

  6. Soft Tracks: Tool and Applications, SUSY, Tata Institute (India) 2017

  7. Flavor Anomalies, WHEPP, IISER Bhopal (India) 2017

  8. Neutrino mass and dark matter from R-symmetry, KIAS, Seoul (Korea) 2017

  9. Supersymmetry with R-symmetry, TPSC Seminar, IIT Kanpur (India) 2016

  10. Non-standard interaction in neutrino oscillations, PSI Zuoz summer school (Switzerland) 2012

With Sourov Roy, Pheno2019, Pittsburgh

Workshops & Conferences:

  1. WHEPP, IIT Guwahati (India) 2019

  2. Aspen Centre for Physics, Colorado (USA) 2019

  3. Pheno2019, University of Pittsburgh (USA) 2019

  4. Blueprints beyond the SM, Tata Institute (India) 2018

  5. SUSY17, Tata Institute (India) 2017

  6. WHEPP, IISER Bhopal (India) 2017

  7. JETS@LHC, ICTS (India) 2017

  8. Indo-French Conference Meeting, IISC (India) 2016

  9. WHEPP, IIT Kanpur (India) 2015

  10. Sangam@HRI, HRI Allahabad (India) 2013

Graduate Students Mentored:

  1. Miguel Vanvlasselaer, Graduate Student at SISSA, Italy

  2. Vazha Loladze, Graduate Student at FSU, USA

  3. Arash Yunesi, Graduate Student at FSU, USA

It was a great pleasure working with all of them and learning from them!